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Accepting students in September 2017

Hālau Hula Ka No‘eau is dedicated to maintaining the dance style of the hula ku‘i and the traditional teachings of our dance matriarch Maiki Aiu Lake. The hālau was founded in 1986, by Kumu Hula Michael Pili Pang and has been a leader in showcasing hula through concert performances, touring, lectures and teaching the Hawaiian arts.

Adult Class – Tuesday 6 PM

Classes begin in Tuesday,  September 12,  2017.

Classes are held at 908 Punahou Street. 

For registration and class information please call 808.285.4035 or email


Hālau Hula Ka No‘eau is guided by the belief that the best foundation to create something new is through an understanding of the past. The best environment to succeed in is one which encourages discipline, commitment and creativity.

Using the same teaching methods as our Hula Matriarch, Maiki Aiu Lake, the school’s currriculum is based on the understanding of hula history, technique, style, hula and chant types with an equal foundation in hula ‘auwana and hula kahiko. Inherent cultural arts such as Hawaiian music, chant, poetry, instrument making, lei making, history, culture, philosophy and language are also included in learning the “art of hula”. 

For more information or to reserve a spot in the class, please contact:

Kumu Michael Pili Pang 
(808) 285-4035
(email) halauhnk@aol.com