The Transfer of Knowledge from a Native Hawaiian Perspective


We are proud to announce that Dr. Helene S.M. Honda’s book has been published. The publication is a research study of the transfer of knowledge from a native Hawaiian culture perspective, examining the traditional hula community-based teaching methodology juxtaposed with modern day technology. Utilizing a qualitative methodology with a heuristic perspective, the study determines that technological learning does not adequately transmit the nuance, depth, and endemic Hawaiian cultural knowledge and traditions found with community learning. Interviews with prominent Native Hawaiian Culture practitioners and Kumu Hula artists enrich the text, corroborating and validating the conclusion. Dr. Helene S.M. Honda, a Hawai‘i, Big Island native holds a doctorate in Educational Organizational Leadership and Masters of Counseling, Psychology. She trained and graduated as Kumu Hula after over 30 years of instruction with the same Kumu and community. Dr. Honda specializes in family assistance, from assisting families with children on the autism spectrum to empowering women and children in living a healthy lifestyle through therapeutic nurturance and educational support.

The book is available on Amazon. Link